Ishwari Latey

With the educational background in conservation, trying to utilise my knowledge on the Field. Loves nature and everything it Associates with.

Nishikant Gupta

Applies imaginative thinking backed by scientific data to convey vital messages to relevant stakeholders at various levels of governance.

Muskan Agrawal

I am Muskan Aggarwal, an English literature aspirant studying at KC college in B.A. department. I have always found literature to be an enriching experience which gives a peace of mind in this mechanical world of ours, opening a new indefinite one with new endless possibilities and potential. I hope to share my passion of literature with others in the near future and hope to spread awareness about our society's falling using literature.

Saurabh Kulkarni

Hi there. This is Saurabh Shripad Kulkarni. A sincere contributor to the beautiful community of TAHAAN. A conveyor of knowledge. A seeker of creativity. A minimalist.

Kamakshi Tatkare

I find myself to be at the intersection of technology and humanities. An Electrical Engineer by profession, I avidly get into eclectic endeavours from researching in Energy and Water Conservation, Energy Security to Product Designing, Fine Arts, Philosophy & Psychology which help me gain purpose in life.

Gaurav Bankar

Hey guys my name is Gaurav Bankar and I am a volunteer of tahaan who occasionally likes to write. The main motive behind writing is to spread knowledge and experience. Volunteering is the motto of my life. I live on this quote “No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted ”

Harshita Rana

A nature enthuse and a dwelling writer trying to blend in my interests to formulate some good blogs. Happy Reading!

Soorya Shrinivas

I am in my 12th grade, studying commerce. I am a law school aspirant and an avid reader. I believe change occurs only when people are well informed and I write to achieve the goal of informing people. Arguably some might say thats the job of a journalist, but I disagree. Key to a well informed population is the passing of information from person to person, be it through air(news channels), print(newspapers) or by a nobody on the internet(me). Now, with all this said, I would like you all to check out my writings and get informed so that all of you can change for the better. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE

Divya Mahajan

I am a Pharmacy student. Healthcare and helping the humankind has always been my passion and dream. Since my childhood, I have been working for social welfare and learning medicine and health care has given me even more perspective in trying to contribute my efforts in anyway to help the community. Learning about how chemicals and this nature work together to boost life, always amuses me and I hope to research and help the community in everyway possible with my knowledge and skills.

Kaasvi Singh

Kasvi, presently a student of Masters in Economics (specializing in Environmental and Resource Economics) at TERI SAS, New Delhi. She graduated in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi. She strives towards using her knowledge of economics to build sustainable solutions to issues pertaining to the developing world and create a healthier future for the people of our planet.

Khushi Somani

I am a Economics student doing BSc (Honours) from Symbiosis school of economics. I want to help spread awareness about the climate change by learning more about it and propagating it in the society. Trying to make my lifestyle sustainable and I encourage everyone to do the same.

Nikhil Jacob

Nikhil is an Experienced Freelance Writer and Pharmacist, currently migrating into the Environment Protection, Wildlife Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation cum Mitigation field as a Conservationist, Environment Writer and Policy Researcher. He is a post graduate in Public Administration and is currently working as an Intern with WWF - India, while also pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law and Policy, offered by NLU, Delhi and WWF. Nikhil has more than 20 publications in several magazines to his credit, apart from the one’s he has published on his personal blog.


Since 2016, Tahaan is actively working in areas of water conservation and providing clean drinking water. We work in villages as well as cities to plan the water resources and increase green cover.