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New Year Resolutions for Water Conservation

New Year Resolutions for Water Conservation

Have you ever engaged in a sweaty outdoor activity and been thirsty for a long time before you finally gulp down a big glass of water? Have you ever been so dirty that you have this uncontrollable urge to take a bath immediately, but a shower is still too far? Now imagine having that same feeling but due to the unavailability of water, with no respite in sight. We don’t want to be thirsty and stinky for hours or days together, but perhaps that is something we are leading ourselves to. Many major cities across the globe have faced drought, and it is no more a concept for the hottest places such as the deserts of Africa. Everyone has to be more responsible by avoiding wastage and contamination of water. 

Saving just a glass of water per day might seem like a small deal but think of the relief you attain after an hour of extreme thirst. Imagine being dirty all over and finally getting just enough to at least wash your hands and face. At times, we might blame our water supply authorities for not supplying enough water and ruining our day, but freshwater is limited, and the supply facilities have limited capacity. If each of us saves just one glass of water every day, we will be able to together accumulate enough water to save ourselves from drought for at least a few years. Thankfully, we don’t need to be thirsty or restrict our water intake to save this glass of water, but there are many ways to easily save water every day. And with New Year right around the corner, here are some resolutions that we all can adopt. 

1. Turn off running taps

Running taps can make us lose a bucket of water per hour. Let’s resolve to turn off running taps at our own house while brushing, shaving, bathing, cleaning, etc. Turning taps on and off involves much little effort compared to the benefit this reaps for our planet by making it greener. By doing this, each of us can help save more than 10,000 liters of water every year! 

2. Efficient bathing

Bathtubs and jacuzzies often consume water equivalent to several baths at once. Let’s try to reduce the number of such baths and switch to either taking showers or using a water bucket for bathing. Even with showering, it is so easy to stand in the shower for a few extra minutes, but we might be wasting more than a bucket of water during that period. Let’s reserve longer showers for only when we are feeling especially blue, else let’s cut down our shower time by a minute. We hope that making our planet green this way will make you feel less blue by just a little. We are together a part of something big here! 

3. Get leaks repaired asap!

Not getting leaks repaired immediately is more about procrastination than anything else. Let’s take a resolution to call the plumber as soon as we see leaking taps or pipes. This will also give us relief from the sound of dripping water when we go to sleep. 

4. Practice vegan Wednesdays

Rearing animals generate a lot of greenhouse gases and consume a lot of water. By restricting milk and meat just once a week can save thousands of liters of water eachyear. This will bring a lot of happiness to our animal friends who are robbed of their milk, underlings, and life against their wishes.

5. Reuse your kitchen water

We wash and boil food every day, but often we just drain the water in the sink. Use a bucket to wash vegetables and reuse the water used for cooking. This water is especially nutritious and can be used to water the plants at our house, resulting in an even greater benefit for our environment. That is two for one!

6. Don’t litter in our water bodies

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Aquatic animals such as fishes can consume only a limited amount of biodegradable waste. Beyond the feeding capacity of these animals, the remaining is slowly consumed by microbes and insects, making the water unfit for human consumption. Non-biodegradable waste such as plastics further clogs water bodies, accumulating organic matter and dirt over time. Let’s resolve to not throw waste into our precious water bodies and reduce the quantity of religious matter we put into them as well. This will help provide healthy drinking water and hygienic living conditions for people living along the banks of these water bodies. And guess what, fishes do not have to overeat. 

7. Don’t flush things that are supposed to go into the dustbin

Flushing away items such as hair, cigarette butts, etc. wastes 10 to 15 liters of water with every round of disposal. Let’s resolve to make the little effort to throw such waste into the dustbin only. Anyway, getting drains unclogged is an expense that none of us want.  

8. Choose greener alternatives the next time you go out shopping

Let’s promote greener products such as front-load washing machines, high-efficiency toilets, male urinals, etc. Such products will save water without any effort from your end. This is truly “Going Green Made Easy!”

Human beings are creatures of habit. Let’s resolve to abide by these resolutions just for the month of January. Post that, we hope that these become a habit that comes to us automatically, without any effort. Won’t that be the best!? We are excited about this; we hope you are too. Let’s save water and make our planet greener!

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