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21st March Panel discussion and Website launch

21st March Panel discussion and Website launch

Tahaan efforts organization, on the occasion of world water day, and its 5 year anniversary had arranged a panel discussion on the topic of Valuing water and also had their website launch on 21st March 2021 Sunday from 4:30 pm onwards, the platform for the same was via online mode.

The session started sharp at 4:30 pm with a brief introduction about Tahaan by tahaan’s socialmedia head Sakshi Jain and was followed by the launch of their new website, which was done by the project head Divya Mahajan and Secretary, trustee Rajat Waghare. Further, Mr. Nishikant Gupta who has worked in various areas like water and climate opened the panel, by introducing the panelists. The set of the 3 panelists included Divyang Waghela- Head of the Tata Water Mission at the Tata Trusts Foundation. Dr. Mark Everard, an author, and scientist at the University of England, Bristol, UK, And Shirish Apte an Engineer who has helped the government of Maharashtra rejuvenate, repair, and restore 300-year-old tanks of water.

The questions asked by Mr. Gupta were quite diverse and highlighted many important topic ranging from ‘What water means to you, Challenges we face for the conservation of water, How the geography of India affects water storage and conservation, how micro and macro perspectives can be used to set up various policies, Balancing water and saving it from urban exploitation, A holistic approach towards the water and its ecosystems, Success stories from the panelists and how these successes can be spread and implemented throughout India, Present scenario of water in India and governmental policies about and around this, How the pandemic has affected the usage of water and its resources and lastly how technology can be efficiently used for water conservation.

Later on, the panel was open for the audience, where the audience asked many riveting questions like rejuvenation of wells and what problems can be faced around this topic, about enhancing in-house capacity for saving water and how policy-making in various states affects the people and the environment.

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The session lasted for around an hour and had an audience of over 70 people. The panel discussion was extremely engrossing and highlighted some crucial topics that need to be addressed to this generation. It also opened doors for many new discussions and ideas. At the end of the session, the HR head of Tahaan, Sakshi Mengji gave an insight on how one could be a part of the organization and donate for their cause. The whole session lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Complete discussion.
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