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We think it is insanity to believe in something we can’t see, yet isn’t it insanity to not believe in something which is really there because we can’t see it? We are all so caught up in our lives, that we hardly ever question what we are doing. We are all stuck in a never-ending loop of blindly doing what we do every day. The world is changing, our surroundings are changing, our lives are changing every second, but here we are taking life as it comes. Why do we never question things around us? Why do we not want to make this life we live more meaningful? This place a better place to live?

Well, this is exactly what we aim to do in TAHAAN! to EXPLORE BETTER QUESTIONS! We at Tahaan are trying to break the conventional way of thinking, ponder out of the box, look at problems and question, how they affect every member of the society and find how each of us can contribute in providing solutions to the problems such as water scarcity, conserving water and the environment and use our skills and knowledge to do so.

We aim to make a platform where a person from any field will be able to learn new things and contribute to the environment and conserving water. Positivity, creativity, innovation, and expression are the oldest and strongest beams of our DNA, and hence we are trying to build a community of problem solvers, thinkers, artists, writers, who with their positive outlook, inspiring stories, hard work, and immense dedication, work towards creating a change in this world! We say that little drops of water make the mighty ocean, here in this community we welcome everyone from students, working professionals, experts, researchers, and environment and water empaths to come together and come up with creative and sustainable solutions to tackle all kinds of problems related to water and the environment.

In this era we live in, where all of us are surrounded by top-notch technology, we want to bring out new solutions and solve the problems we face with water management using this new technology. We aim to create as much awareness about the innovation of new technologies, research and education, and career opportunities for our budding generation, so they can efficiently work towards saving water and supporting the environment. At the same time, we believe, it is wise to learn from experience, but it is wiser to learn from the experience of others and hence we seek to publish as many stories, experiences, interviews, and personal experiences of people as we can. After all, stories impact people more than anything else.

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Ultimately, we are trying to focus on planting a seed in the mind of each and everyone in our community to help us explore better questions and thrive with us for a better future. After all every step we take forward, we hope, is towards a world where we and our future generations have access to a cleaner, greener, and beautiful earth where trees are lush and water ever flowing! So come, join us in this journey where we all make this earth a better place to live.

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